A Survive Alive House or Survive Alive Mobile Unit teaches children how to escape from a burning building. We count on donations and grants to cover operating expenses, capital improvements on existing structures, and to purchase mobile units we can make available across the state. 

Currently the State of Wisconsin is in need of the Mobile Classroom 32iBed with a front kitchen stage,rear bedroom to teach proper reaction and escape, heated door, escape window and ladder, bed with foam mattress, non-toxic smoke alarm system and smoke alarms.

The cost of the Mobile Classroom 32iBed is $77,750.00.  

   A mobile unit would allow for the expansion of this educational tool to reach a larger group of youth and prevent tragedies from occurring in the State of Wisconsin. Education is the key to better preparing our youth and strengthen our communities.

If you are interested in becoming an invaluable financial partner in the Survive Alive Program, below is our Wish List:

Donations toward the purchase of the Mobile Classroom 32iBed:

Any amount gladly accepted toward the $77,750.00 purchase price

Transportation grants provide service to and from the Survive Alive facilities for groups who could not otherwise provide their own transportation: 

$750.00 per group of 60 children

Producing promotional materials for visitors to Survive Alive facilities and various public education events:

$10,000 per year based on current programing materials 

T-shirts with the Survive Alive Logo affixed to be given as a good will gesture and awareness of the program for donations given to support the valuable project.

$7500 per 1000 American Made T-Shirts with logo

Please feel free to email with any questions you have regarding Survive Alive.

Thank you for all you do!



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